At ASND Designs, we believe collaboration with your customers, suppliers, employees, and partners is key to growing your business.
  • IBM Lotus Notes has been the premier platform for collaboration since it was first introduced in 1989 and it continues to outshine its competitors when it comes to custom application development with unstructured data. Many of the features that are in such high demand in this Web 2.0 world have existed in Notes for years. DominoIBM continues to enhance the platform that its 350,000+ employees use everyday to collaborate with each other, IBM's partner community, and IBM's customers. Support for mulitple server and client platforms has always been a key differentiator for Notes and version 8.5 is no different. Whether you are using Windows or Mac, Notes Client or Web browser, Blackberry/iPhone/Android smartphone or iPad/Android tablet, you will always have access to your data wherever you go.
  • IBM Lotus Domino takes all the strengths of the Notes application development environment and moves them to the web. Domino's iterative design methodology allows development life cycles shrink from months or years to weeks. Domino even allows you to leverage web standards in your applications, like HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Java. The latest tool for Domino developers is XPages. Delivered through Java™ Server Faces (JSF) technology, XPages provide both novice and seasoned Web application developers with nearly limitless data architecture and function previously not available to Lotus Notes and Domino applications.
  • jQuery LogojQuery is the preeminent JavaScript Library on the Internet today. Facebook, Netflix, and Dell are just a few of the companies that rely on jQuery to make their websites shine. jQuery's motto of "Write Less, Do More" fits perfectly in the rapid/agile application development that Domino is known for.

IBM Connections LogoIBM Connections is social software for business that lets you access everyone in your professional network, including your colleagues, customers, and partners. The latest capabilities in IBM Connections, such as Moderation, Ideation Blogs, and the Media Gallery, enable you to embrace networks of people who are engaged and to work in transparent and nimble ways to create business value.

Visit IBM Greenhouse to test drive the latest innovations in Social Business Software from IBM.

IBM SVP Mark ASND Designs is an IBM Software Value Plus Partner and is authorized to resell the IBM Collaboration Suite of applications, which include Lotus Notes and Domino. We strive to make sure our clients know exactly what they need to purchase and get those items at a fair price. If you are currently looking to purchase new IBM licenses or are simply not happy with your current Resellers service and prices, please contact our sales team to discuss your current situation.
CA Technologies Logo Maintaining protection, recovery and availability of key systems and data is critical for business continuity and disaster recovery. The CA ARCserve Family of Products from CA Technologies help you protect valuable systems, applications and information—so you can better prepare for unexpected data loss and damage, unplanned outages, planned maintenance, and man-made and natural disasters. You can deploy this solution onsite, offsite and in the cloud. And it helps reduce storage and bandwidth requirements and costs. All of CA's data management solutions are designed to help increase your business agility, so you can minimize risk, improve regulatory compliance, and ultimately out-innovate the competition.

IdeaJam LogoIdeation, or crowdsourcing, is built on a simple premise - that if you put forth large numbers of ideas in front of a community, the best ideas will bubble to the top. IdeaJam™ from Elguji Software, LLC provides companies with a robust, customizable ideation environment that is built on the mature and stable Domino platform.

Ever wish you could get the level of expertise available to large corporations? Are you too busy running your day to day business to be able to find and implement the solutions necessary to attract new customers and take your business to the next level?

The designers at ASND Designs are committed to giving all clients the same custom tools that Fortune 500 companies use to successfully run their businesses. Specializing in implementing and supporting the IBM Collaboration Suite, ASND Designsis experienced in delivering solutions that give our customers the highest possible ROI.

Our designers have been helping companies, big and small, enhance their collaboration environments for the past 15 years. We specialize in helping companies re-engineer business processes so that they can be automated to the point where users do not need to have years of institutional knowledge to navigate them.